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Lectures delivered by
Dr Milind Chaudhary in last 3 years

1) Multidirectional Tibial Deformity correction
When deformity is seen in the Tibia in both planes of an xray or when there is a combination of angular & rotational deformity or when there is angular/rotational deformity coupled with shortening, treatment strategies are discussed to give the most possible Complete treatment to the patient.

2) Extensive Limb Lengthening for increase of height in Dwarfs
Over the last 24 years our centre has performed dozens of surgeries to increase height in Achondroplasitc Dwarf patients by extensive lengtheing using Ilizarov and newer methods.

3) Limb Lengthening
The exciting science of Limb lengthening is explained in simple terms. Common causes of limb shortneing, methods of exact measurement of shortening are described. The nature of Limb Lengthening surgery with some of its common complications is described and also the experience of our centre till 2007.

4) Paediatric Limb Lengthening
Our centre has one of the largest experiences in the world in Paediatric Limb Lengthening for all kinds of conditions like Birth defects, congenital anomalies, deformities caused by Osteomyelitis and Growth Arrest etc. Strategies are discussed and Tips & Pearls are given.

5) Deformity Correction & Lengthening with Fixator Assisted Nailing
Fixator Assisted nailing is a exciting new modality being practised in our centre from 1994 in which the main aim is to perform complex deformity corrections and limb lengthening with either 1) Reduction of external fixation time usage or 2) elimination of the external fixator completely. THis is a great advance in patient care and has greatly enhanced patient comfort and tolerance of these difficult procedures. Our centre uses high technology and special instruments along with a lot of experience to make it a daily  reality.

6) Poliomyelitis
Our centre has a very great experience and interest in the treatment of lower limb problems caused by Poliomyelitis. Common surgeries like Limb Lengthening, SupraCondylar Osteotomies, Ankle Arthrodiesis are discussed using new methods which allow patients to walk longer without getting tired and in some cases without any walking aids as well.

7) Arthritis of Knee treated with Knee Reoconstruction and Repair with Modern High Tibial osteotomy.
Osteoarthritis of the Knee is one of the commonest Orthopedic diseases seen in India. Our centre has consistently performed hundreds of knee repair surgeries for patients who have high demand fro m their knees and wish to retain, repair and strengthen their knees using HTO surgery rather than Replacing them with Joint Replacement. The History, rationale, planning and various surgical methods are discussed.

8) Bone Transport Docking Tips.
Bone Transport is a revolutionary method which allows Bone Gaps caused by trauma or infection or any other cause to be filled up using naturally regenerated bone . Our experience over 24 years to make the job simpler for surgeons to achieve haling at the Bone gap site is discussed in this lecture.

9) Bowlegs

10) Knock Knees

11) High Tibial osteotomy.
This is a lecture delivered on modern High Tibial osteotomy. A comparison of two techniques is made with the same type of Dome osteotomy but fixed using either an Ilzarov apparatus or a Tomofix Locking plate.

12) Safe Surgical Dislocation of the Hip .
We are among the very few hospitals in India where Safe Surgical Dislocation of the Hip (as described by Ganz ) is performed to preserve teh Hip Joint. It is especially useful in AVN ( Avascular Necrosis) of the Hip Joint & can help avoid a Hip Replacement and prolong the useful life of the joint.

11) Upper femur lengthening.
Upper femur lengthening in trauma cases has been studied by us in 52 cases in great detail. We find that bone formation is excellent even in these very difficult cases. The only problems were related to Axial Deviation.

12) Hip Reconstruction.
Dysplastic Deformed or Destroyed hips or those with AVN are best treated using the Ilizarov Hip Reconstruction operation which consists of two osteotomies done in the femur in a minimally invasive manner. Support is given to the hip and lengthening is performed as well.

13) Fixator Assisted Internal Fixation for Lengthening & Deformity Correction.
This is the prestigious "Veteran Surgeons Forum" lecture delivered by Dr Chaudhary at the WIROC ( Western India Regional Orthopedic Conference) in Dec 2014. This describes the journey started by him in 1994 to perform lengthening and deformity correction using patient friendly Internal fixation devices. Many of the techniques are unique and have been devised by him. Greatest benefit of these techniques are to the patient who has to wear the external fixation devices for a lesser duration.

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