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Casestudies  >  Vascular Disease (TAO)


      X-ray sowing Ilizarov horizontal distraction being done                     Patientsuffering from Thrombo Angiitis Obliterans or Buergerís disease                 

Thrombo Angiitis Obliterans or Buergerís disease afflicts the medium sized blood vessels in smokers resulting in severe rest and night pain and coldness of the limb, the person is unable to walk more than a few yards. Impending gangrene and imminent amputation is the usual result after a sympathectomy has been done and has given results for a few years.

Using the Ilizarov horizontal distraction, about 2 cm of bone is regenerated. This gives rise to improved blood circulation (according to the Law of Tension-Stress). This effect becomes manifest in 3 weeks. The relief for the patient may last for more than 10 years if smoking is given up.