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Casestudies  >  Complex Fractures  >   Bone Loss   >   Femur Bone transport with Ilizarov


Bone Loss


                          comminuted fracture upper tibia with a large bone gap more than 10 cm in the femur. treatment with a transfixing thick-pin fixator is inadequate.                      severe shortening and inability to walk with bone gap in femur                              incomplete eradication of infection with unstable fixation of tibia gave pain and inability to walk                   

24 year old jeweller suffered severe single limb trauma with compound comminuted fracture in tibia and a severe  acute bone loss in the femur. There was low grade infection and bone gap and  shortening

                Ilizarov fixator permits stable fixation of tibial fracture and walking.                          at start of treatment showing lower femoral bone gap and comminuted tibial fracture                proximal lengthening corticotomy  with 8 cm regenerate and reduced gap in lower femur. final bone grafting to aid healing

The ilizarov fixator permitted walking and fixation of the comminuted fracture of the tibia. The femur had a proximal corticotomy with lengthening which gradually reduced the gap in the lower femur.

                                    solid union , no deformity and filled up bone defect. mild residual shortening                                  well healed femur bone gap with no deformity

After 11 months of treatment the femur is solidly healed , the gap is filled  and there is no infection or deformity in the limb. For purposes of reducing treatment duration the limb was kept 3 cm short which is easily compensated by a raise.